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Nature Inspired, Play based care.

15 minutes West of Traverse City in Leelanau County.

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Hello! My name is Kriya Miller, the owner and operator of Little Valley Daycare.  My husband Matt and I are the Co-Founders of Human Nature School in Traverse City and have spent the last 12 years as the Co-Executive Directors, designing and running nature connection programs for all ages. Before that I studied, apprenticed and instructed at the Wilderness Awareness School and have been leading youth in the outdoors since I was 17. (Over 20 years, yikes!)  I will be the primary care provider, but Matt may make regular appearances to help as needed.   Our oldest son, Wilder, is 13 and may help out a bit during the summer or after school and has been volunteering as a helper with the young ones at Human Nature School since he was 9!  Our newest family member, Robert, arrived on Father’s Day at the dawn of the summer solstice in 2021. And he is the one inspiring me to spend more time at home and open a daycare! We look forward to getting to know you and your family and strengthen the weave of community, support, and camaraderie for families in our area. And finally, there's our dog Kuna!  She loves people and kids, but we will be keeping her in a separate area during childcare hours. 


We are conveniently located just off M-72 on Tager rd, about 15 minutes west of Traverse City along the Leelanau/Benzie County line.  Tager rd is a gravel rd that doesn't get much traffic and our driveway heads up a little valley within a valley to our cabin, tucked away within the forest.  (*4-wheel drive will be needed for winter pick up and drop off). We have a fenced in yard for lots of outdoor free play, gardening, bird feeding, snow play, sand play, water play and can take little walks as well throughout our 7-acre property if we need to stretch our legs even more.  Inside our cabin we have an open living room/kitchen with lots of games and toys and things to climb and slide on with big, beautiful windows to view the outdoors. 

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